Monday, 9 April 2012

Good Screen Recording Programs

Today I am going to talk about some recording programs to use on your PC. There is a wide market of programs out there. They have many free use programs, and many that you have to pay for. Each program has its benefits, while others just seem to work better! After almost a week of heavy testing, here is the top 3 I conclude my list with today.

The first program that I am going to cover is Fraps. Fraps is a paid program, but does offer a trial version of the program. At first I tried the trial, and it was not bad. Once I got my hands on a paid version, i found that if you do not have a massive, epic rig, with lots of ram, then Fraps turns to the craps, but it does exchange the high ram usage with a excellent quality recording.
This link refers to the high quality recording ability of fraps.

You can get fraps here:

Today, I acquired Bandicam, and I loved it. It is worth every cent paid. I highly recommend it. Bandicam doesn't need as much ram or memory to run, and its videos are small, and compact. The quality is also excellent, with high fps and no need to lower quality.
This link is a excellent test to show the high quality of Bandicam.

You can get Bandicam here:

Camtasia is what I would normally use before I found Bandicam. Camtasia is a powerful recording program, but has a hefty requirement of CPU specs to get any high quality recording done. The quality does out weigh the requirements, as you can see here.
Minecraft is an excellent program to test recording software with.

You can get Camtasia here:


  1. I myself only use Fraps,nice review,following

  2. I need a new program, I lost my cd to the old one I used to use. Thanks!

  3. thanks for the hint, just knew fraps until now