Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Two Steps From hell, or Immediate Music?

This post is going to describe what I prefer more, TSFH, or Immediate. They both have their respective pros and cons, but I do have a preference on whose music I like more.

Two Steps From Hell.
Two Steps From Hell makes a ton of awesome music. Alot of their music is used in Movies, Video Games and other professional uses. They only recently made their music available to the public. They have a website, which has links to all of their music, available to buy from iTunes and other sources.

Their music is quite uplifting, making anything you do seem epic, such as cleaning. (jokes bro) I listen to their music while I play Skyrim, and I even changed the music out from Minecraft and input their music instead. This music always matches the moments of the game. Besides, the name is pretty cool too.

Here is some of their music, - Psst, this is my extended version of a song. - another really good one

Immediate Music
Immediate Music has a some really good music, which we all need, and some of which isn't as good. Their music is also used in games, movies and other professional uses. Their music is available to purchase on their site, which I must say really impressed me. Their site is as follows:

Their music was in alot of major movies, which many of you have heard of, but I won't go into detail, you can just check out their link. I play their music while I am playing games, usually just Minecraft though.

Here is some of their music.

As I said, I greatly favor one over the other, and that one is Two Steps From Hell. I prefer them because their music has more action in it, It seems to have alot of power, and generally makes me feel good.


  1. Awesome! Thanks for this great post!

  2. Lizz the music i listen too while dub step and TS3 and Skype Conversattions is Going Quantuim Podcast and Krewella Dubstep
    (Ps, Ep 7 From podcast is wicked and Listen too Krewellas song "Killin It")

    BTW if it don't show me name its Scorpian