Thursday, 19 April 2012

Mail Services, what is better?

So today I come to answer the life long question, who has a better mail service? Google, Hotmail, or Yahoo? It is a good question, that is often debated, but my opinion is there is only one true victor.


Yahoo has a good mail service, but not as good as others are. It is easy to use, but you have almost no options for customization, and attaching files takes you to a new window, which can be laggy. If you want to attach more than 5 files, you have to open a new addition field, and its only one at a time. Yahoo does have the benefit of being able to create folders and easily manage your information.

Google Mail

Google Mail, is amazing in my opinion. It auto stores emails for you, and it gives you access to them on the side of your email, allowing you to easily click those people and send them messages and emails. Google also allows you to link your Google+ to it, allowing people to access who you are, which has its benefits and cons. Google is very user friendly is incredibly fast, and besides, you use Google everyday anyways, you can access your email on the top bar, so its very easy.

MSN (Hotmail)

Hotmail is also an excellent mail provider, but has a major issue with spam. They do have a spam guard, but I have noticed that I get more spam on my hotmail than any other mail service. They are fast, and it is owned and operated by Microsoft.  They offer a user friendly mail service, that works and that's usually all we ever ask for.

So here is what i think, and I guess you can decide what is better!

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  1. Imo, the best and more stable is Gmail so far, simple, fast and with a very good desing.